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Kevin O’Leary Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Kids, Shark Tank and Net Worth

Kevin O’Leary Biography and Wikipedia

Kevin O’Leary was born as Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman, author, politician, and television personality. Kevin debuted on various Canadian television shows, including the business news programs SqueezePlay and The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, as well as the reality television show Dragons’ Den and Redemption Inc.

Terra Jolé Bio, Age, Husband, DWTS, Net Worth, Height, Little Women: LA

Terra Jolé Photo
Terra Jolé Photo

Terra Jolé Biography

Terra Jolé is an American TV personality who is known as a cast member on reality shows like Little Women: LA, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family, and Little Women: Terra’s Big House.

Jole is also an executive producer for Little Women: LA, Little Women: NY, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family, Little Women: Atlanta, and Little Women: Dallas.

She has a YouTube channel called “Mini Mama. It consists of music videos from her “Penny’s Playlist” album, videos of her with her family and friends, and videos related to children or motherhood.

Jole released a book titled, “Fierce at Four Foot Two” in 2017. She also has a wine line by the name of “Mini Mama Moscato”.

Terra Jolé Age

Jole was born on May 25, 1980, in New Braunfels, Texas.

Terra Jolé Husband

Jole is married to Joe Gnoffo. Terra and Je got married in 2015. Later on March 16, 2015, the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Penelope. Their daughter has Achondroplasia dwarfism, just like her mother.

Later on August 1, 2016, the couple welcomed their second child, a son named Grayson, who has Pseudoachondroplasia Dwarfism, like his father Joe. The couple announced that they are expecting a third child in March 2020.

Terra Jolé Dancing With The Stars

Jiole competed on Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars in 2016. She became the first little person to ever compete on the show. Her professional partner was Sasha Farber. They were eliminated in week 10 of the competition and finished in fifth place.

Terra Jolé Career

Executive Producer

Joles works as executive producer for Little Women LA, Little Women: NY, Little Women: Terra’s Little Family, and Little Women: Dallas. She is also a member of the Producers Guild of America.


Prior to being cast on Little Women: LA, Jole was working as an actress. Some of the films she has appeared on are, “Tales From Beyond”, and “Austin Powers III”. She has also appeared on TV shows like; “CSI: Las Vegas”, and “Chelsea Lately”, as “Mini Britney Spears”, a character that she created.

Little Women L.A

Jole first appeared on Little Women L.A in a season 2 episode. She was the hostess for the Season 1 and Season 3 reunions of Little Women: Atlanta, as well as season 1 and 2 Reunions of Little Women: Dallas, a Season 2 episode of Little Women: Atlanta (via Facetime), and three Season 1 episode of Little Women: Dallas.

Little Women: Terra’s Big House

In this show, Jole stars alongside her husband Joe. The show premiered on December 13, 2017, and it focuses on Terra and her husband’s home renovations.

Terra Jolé Height

Jole stands at a height of 4 feet 2 inches.

Terra Jolé Net Worth

Jole has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million.

Briana Renee Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Little Women: LA

Briana Renee Photo
Briana Renee Photo

Briana Renee Biography

Briana Renee is an American reality TV star who was a main cast member on Little Women: LA from Seasons 1 to 6.

Renee is also a singer, dancer and all-round performer. She has done performances as herself and has also impersonated celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

Briana Renee Age

Renee was born on April 19, 1983, in San Diego, California.

Briana Renee Husband

Renee is married to her husband Tim Manning. Renne and Tim got engaged on October 5, 2019, and on December 1, 2019, they got married.

Prior to her marriage to Tim, she had been married twice. Her first marriage was Leif Manson. The couple had a daughter named Leiana Manson. Their daughter has Hypochondroplasia Dwarfism, like her father Leif. The couple eventually divorced.

After her divorce from Leif, Renee started dating Matt Grundhoffer and married him in 2015. In the year 2016, the couple welcomed a son named Maverick Jax. Maverick has Achondroplasia dwarfism.

After three years of marriage, the couple agreed to end their marriage. This was after they found it very hard to fully repair their marriage after many occasions of Matt cheating.

Renee had also dated Todd Gibel, the ex-husband of Little Women: LA cast member Christy McGinity Gibel.

Briana Renee Little Women: LA

Renee was a cast member on Little Women: LA from season 1 to season 6. She, however, did not return to season 7 after deciding to focus on her health, music career, and family.

One of the other reasons she left the show was due to her divorce with Matt which was very public.

Renee released a single titled, “Cage” on January 8, 2018. She later released her EP that summer.

Briana Renee Height

Renne stands at a height of 3 feet 1 inch.

Briana Renee Net Worth

Renee has an estimated net worth of around $4ook.

Christy McGinity Gibel Bio, Age, Husband, Kids, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Surgery

Christy McGinity Gibel Photo
Christy McGinity Gibel Photo

Christy McGinity Gibel Biography

Christy Gibel is an American actress, financial advisor, and reality star best known for “Death to Smoochy” and “Little Women: LA.”

Some other television shows that she has acted in are “Ghost Whisperer” and “MADtv”.

Christy McGinity Gibel Age

Gibel was born on August 19, 1977, in Burbank, California. She is 42 years old as of 2019.

Christy McGinity Gibel Husband / Kids

Gibel has been married twice. Her first marriage was to a man named Artran. There is no information regarding her first husband but their marriage ended in a divorce. The couple, however, had two children together; a daughter named Autumn and a son named Trenton.

Todd Gibel

Gibel’s second marriage was to Todd Gibel. Christy and Todd got married in May 2014. However, in June 2019, she filed for an annulment of the marriage. In order to be granted an annulment, Christy had to prove their marriage had never been valid.

The filing came one month after she previously filed for a temporary restraining order against her husband in May. Christy had filed for a restraining order after Todd allegedly impersonated her via email and shut her out of her social media accounts. The restraining order had her move out of their home.

Christy McGinity Gibel Boyfriend

After calling it quits with previous husband, Todd Gibel, Christy began dating another man named Gonzo Carazo. The couple is already expecting a baby together and they have revealed the gender; It is a girl who will be named Violet Eva Carazo.

Christy McGinity Gibel Little Women L.A

Gibel is one of the cast members of a reality show; Little Women L.A. Prior to joining the show, she worked as a stand-in for child actors in commercials. Christy also had minor roles in films, “Death to Smoochy”, and “Austin Powers in Goldmember”.

She made an appearance in an episode of Little Women: NY and also appeared on an episode of “The People’s Court” alongside her daughter Autumn. She is friends Little Women: NY cast member Lila Call.

Christy McGinity Gibel Surgery

Gibel underwent spinal surgery in November 2016. The doctor nicked her carotid artery, which almost killed her and she subsequently suffered a stroke a few months after the surgery.

The kind of spinal surgery she went through had never been performed on a little person before. Christy eventually survived the stroke but required months of recovery. In 2018, she went through another surgery but this time, a gastric sleeve surgery, to assist her weight loss.

Christy McGinity Gibel Height

Gibel stands at a height of 3 feet 2 inches.

Christy McGinity Gibel Net Worth

Gibel has an estimated net worth of around $500k.