Keith Reams (labor of love) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Career, Labor of Love, Net worth

Keith Reams Biography

Based in Los Angeles, Keith Reams is a writer and the owner of Jungle Fit LA. He is a contestant of Labor of Love, a Fox TV reality dating game show.

He also participated in Love Elevated, a Steve Harvey’s dating show.

Keith Reams Age

Reams is 38 years old as of 2020.

Keith Reams Height

Reams’ height measurements are not publicly available. Once available, we shall update it.

Keith Reams Family

Reams have kept his family life private. Little is known about them.

Keith Reams Career

Reams owns a gym called Jungle Fit LA where he trains people. He has an Instagram account dedicated to it, @junglefitla. He also has a youtube channel. TheĀ  Fitness enthusiast is also a published writer.

He attended Yale University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history and also the University of San Diego School of Law where he earned a law degree.

Football and Baseball

He played football and baseball while at Yale University where he received seven varsity awards for his excellence in sports. He won the Ivy League Championship and was awarded as the Most Valuable Offensive back for football.

Keith Reams Labor of Love

Reams is one of the 15 contestants of Labor of love, a reality dating show on Fox TV. It features Kristy Katzmann, a 42-year old woman who wants to start a family. The men must showcase their relationship and parenting skills as they try to win Kristy over. She will then choose one of these men to father her children. The 14 others include Trent Broach, Alan Santini, Stewart Gill, Marcus Lehman, and Matt Kaye.

In episode 3: 10 Things Kristy Likes About You, Ream comes second in the aptitude test with a score of 83, Marcus Lehman scoring the highest with 91. In this episode, he snaps when Matt Kaye interrupts Jason Smith with many questions as he tried to tell the rest of the contestants what had happened when he(Smith) took Kristy downstairs. Smith was recounting how he had tried getting a kiss from Kristy in a drinking game. He told Kristy that if he flipped the coin in the glass, she would then kiss her. Jason Smith did not get the kiss he wanted, however, he got a hug before Angelo interrupted them.

Alan Santini stole Keith Reams’ Cooking Idea

In episode 4, “Some Like it Extra Hot,” Keith reveals to the Camera that he wants to surprise Kristy with a cooked meal. He talks about it to other contestants and when the day comes he gets to the kitchen to prepare chicken and veggies. Alan does the same and goes ahead of him to take the dinner to Kristy. Upon realizing that, Keith gets angry, throws a glass wine, and bangs the door. The other guys back him up on Santini being wrong for stealing his idea and executing it. Santini, however, apologizes upon the realization that he was wrong.

Even though Kristy was impressed by Santini’s dinner gesture, that he put him up for the next date, he still gets eliminated on this episode and Keith gets to leave a cooked meal and a note on Kristy’s doorstep while she is on the date with Santini. Both Kristy and Alan come home to find this note and Santini refuses to go inside which in return turns her off.

Instagram Account

His Instagram handle is @keithreams. He has over 600 followers as of June 2020.

Keith Reams Net worth

Reams’ net worth is under review.