Mandi Thomas (The Voice) Bio, Age, Family, Music, The Battles

Mandi Thomas Biography

From Memphis Tennessee, Mandi Thomas is an American singer who became well known as a contestant on season 18 of The Voice.

She graduated from Bethel University with a bachelor of fine arts in music in 2008. While at the university, Mandi was a founding member of the Renaissance Choir of Bethel and toured Japan with the group.

She had auditioned for American Idol in 2007 and had proceeded on to Hollywood.

Mandi Thomas Age

Thomas is 33 years old as of 2019. Her exact date of birth is not yet known.

Mandi Thomas Family

There is currently no information available about Mandis’ family. This information will be provided as soon as it is available.

Mandi Thomas Music

According to her Facebook bio, Mandi has been singing since she 11 years old when she started taking voice lessons. She has been “on stage all of my life.”

Thomas sings with a wedding and event band called Cruisin’ Heavy. The band presents itself as the only one in Memphis led by two powerhouse female vocalists, the other being Angela Burton. The band plays a wide range of music.

Thomas also works as voice teacher and she has been teaching voice since 2010. She is on staff at the Visions Academy of Performing Arts, based in Cordova, Tenn.

Mandi Thomas The Voice

During the audition on the voice, Mandi sang “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. She received a one chair turn from kelly Clarkson who ultimately became her coach.

The Battles

During the third round of the battles, Mandi was placed against Sara Collins. The duo was mentored by Dua Lipa and they sang “My Baby Loves Me.” Mandi won the battle.

“I will start with you Sara, there were a couple of notes towards the end of the song that you went for that you didn’t quite get up there, I don’t know if it were nerves, cause I think you have the talent and a cool voice, you just got figure out a way to reel that in a bit. Mandi country music is not your thing, but I’ll be damned if you don’t sound good on a country song. I would pick Mandi,” Blake said on their performance.

“Both of you sounded great and I also enjoyed just watching you. I like it when you harmonized, your voices are really different. Sara’s voice is a bit more piercing, Mandi you are very good at singing country but Sara sounded more like a country singer to me,” John Legend commented.