Megan Danielle (The Voice) Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Music, The Battles

Megan Danielle Biography

Megan Danielle is an American singer who is best known as a contestant on season 18 of the American reality show, The Voice.

She is on Team Kelly Clarkson.

Megan Danielle Age

Danielle s 17 years old as of 2019. Her exact date of birth has not yet been revealed. She was born in Georgia, USA.

Megan Danielle Parents

Danielle’s parents divorced when she was 7 years old. As a way of dealing with the divorce, Danielle turned to music for solace. She was brought up by her mother who works as a waitress. She has four other siblings.

Megan Danielle Job

Besides being a student, Danielle works as a cashier, dishwasher, and waitress in the same restaurant as her mother and grandmother. She helps her mother with the bills and her intentions are to see that her siblings are well taken care of.

Megan Danielle Music

Danielle reveals that she was encouraged to sing by her grandmother so as to heal her wounded soul after her parents’ breakup.

Her mother, after realizing that Danielle was talented musically, introduced her to singing at restaurants. Most people she had ever performed for were about 60.

Danielle loves all genres of music but her most favorites are RnB, soul, and Country.

Megan Danielle The Voice

During her audition on The Voice, Danielle sang “Remedy” by Adele. She revealed the song’s lyrics are a reminder to her siblings that she will always be there for them no matter how rough life gets.

Danielle got a one chair turn from Kelly Clarkson. She revealed that she had previously auditioned three times and only received a yes on her fourth trial.

The Battles

During round 3 of battles, Dannielle was paired with Samantha Howell. They were mentored by Dua Lipa and the pair performed “Top of The World.” Danielle won the battle and Kelly used her save on Samantha.

Blake said on their performance; “Kelly handed you guys a sacred piece of music there, it says a lot about the confidence that she had in the two of you. Megan you to me are the shocker, my God, your voice is just unbelievable. Kelly is the only person that turned around for you, clearly, I had gone to the bathroom or something, there is no way I would have not hit my button for you.

You know when I hear a singer with that kind of tone is wow they probably can’t get up in there, but you do, and you do it well with a lot of strength and power. Samantha, I did hit my button for you and Kelly stole my dream, she used her block on me. I think I heard some moments in there where the pitch was a little bit under a couple of times, and really can’t say the same thing for Megan’s performance, I would go with Megan.”