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Terrence Howard Biography

Terrence Howard (fullname is Terrence Dashon Howard) is an American actor, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Howard burst into the mainstream with a series of television and film roles between 2004 and 2006. His first major parts were in the 1995 films Dead Presidents and Mr. Holland’s Opus.

Terrence Howard Age

Howard is 52 years old as of October 2021. He was born on 11 March 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He celebrates his birthday on 11th March every year.

Terrence Howard Height and Weight

Howard stands at a height of 6ft 0inch (1.84m) and weight is 87 kg (191.80 lbs).

Terrence Howard Photo
Terrence Howard Photo

Terrence Howard Family | Mother| Brothers

Howard was born in Chicago, Illinois, to multiracial parents Tyrone and Anita (née Williams) Howard, both of whom had African and Anglo ancestry. Minnie Gentry, an actress, was his great-grandmother. Howard grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and had a difficult upbringing. Terrence witnessed his father stabbing another man in the Santa Line Slaying, when he was two years old. His father was sentenced to 11 months in prison for manslaughter. Following his father’s release, Howard’s parents split. His great-grandmother was his primary caregiver. On May 11, 1993, she died at the age of 77.

Terrence Howard Wife

The talented actor has been married five times to three women, and has five children and two grandchildren.

Lori McCommas, Howard’s first wife, died in a car accident in 1993. They divorced in 2001, remarried in 2005, then divorced again a few years later. They have three children together: Aubrey and Heaven, as well as Hunter, their son. Through Aubrey Howard has two grandkids : a granddaughter who was born in December 2012 and a grandson (Adrian) who was born in February 2015. The divorce between Howard and McCommas was filed in 2000 and finalized in 2001, however the couple remarried in 2005. They divorced a year later, and it was formalized for the second time in 2007. McCommas was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by his parents, who were both Jewish.

Howard tied the knot with Michelle Ghent, his second wife, in 2010. In February 2011, Ghent filed for divorce. In December 2011, Ghent filed a restraining order against Howard, alleging that he was physically abusive to her. Their divorce was finalized in May 2013, but the deal was reversed in 2015 after a judge determined that Howard had signed it under duress after Ghent threatened to sell nude photos of Howard and other personal information.

Howard married Mira Pak, a model and restaurateur, in late 2013. Qirin Love (born 2015) and Hero (born 2016) are their two sons (born 2016). They divorced in 2015 and then got engaged in December 2018 to remarry.

Terrence Howard Career

Initially, he entered media outlets when he depicted Jackie Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream, an ABC miniseries. After three years, he made his large film break in 1995’s Mr. Holland’s Opus.  Howard in like manner displayed in The Best Man (1999), in Ashanti’s music video for her 2002 single “Ridiculous”, and in Mary J. Blige’s video for “Be Without You”. Howard displayed on the TV series Family Matters.

Howard has said that he searches for characters that “show him himself” while picking his film jobs. For the 2005 film Hustle and Flow, Howard depicted a pimp and yearning rapper. He played out every one of the person’s tracks himself, including “It’s Hard over here for a Pimp”, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 78th Academy Awards. In 2008, Howard facilitated the PBS series Independent Lens.

Iron Man

In 2008, Howard was projected in the film Iron Man as Colonel James Rhodes. Howard was the most generously repaid of the film’s performers, and he was supported before any of the other noticeable stars. In the spin-offs of the film, he was supplanted by entertainer Don Cheadle. Howard was offered a 50 to 80 percent pay decrease for Iron Man 2, as indicated by Amusement Weekly, despite the fact that it’s hazy whether Howard turned down the work or regardless of whether Marvel left their game plan.

Howard delivered his introduction grown-up elective collection, Shine Through It, in 2008 on Columbia/SME Records. He depicted the collection as metropolitan nation, and either composed or co-composed every one of the tunes on it.

In 2008, he made his Broadway debut, playing Brick in an all-African-American creation of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, coordinated by Debbie Allen. During practices, he purportedly assaulted and truly harmed melodic arranger Tex Allen (sibling of the chief). Allen said he experienced different wounds and in October 2008, Allen recorded a $5 million claim against Howard.

In 2010, Howard joined the cast of Law and Order: Los Angeles, playing Deputy District Attorney Joe Dekker. He substituted shows with Alfred Molina, who depicted Deputy District Attorney Ricardo Morales. After one season the series was dropped . In 2011, Howard played Nelson Mandela in the film Winnie Mandela.

Terrence Howard Empire

Howard has played Lucious Lyon, a hip-hop mogul who realizes he is dying and must safeguard the survival of his music empire, on the television series Empire since 2015. He also played Sheriff Arnold Pope in the television series Wayward Pines, initially as a prominent character in the first season in 2015 and then as a guest role in the second and final seasons.

In 2015, Howard hosted the ninth annual Guys Choice Awards “I was able to persuade the opposing party to support me. Big Devil is a fictional character. My rolling companion is Big D! “..


  • August Rush 2007
  • 2007 Awake Dr. Jack Harper
  • 2007 The Perfect Holiday Mr. Bah Humbug
  • 2008 Iron Man
  • 2013 The Butler
  • 2013 Prisoners
  • 2014 Take Me to the River
  • 2014 St. Vincent
  • 2016 Term Life
  • 2016 Cardboard Boxer
  • 2019 Gully
  • 2020 Cut Throat City
  • 2021 Beneath
  • 2021 Triumph
  • 2022 The Walk

Terrence Howard Terryology

Howard revealed in a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone that he had created his own logic language, Terryology, which he was keeping a secret until he could patent it. This logic would be used to demonstrate his claim that “1 × 1 = 2”.

“How can it be one?” he wondered. “When one multiplied by one equals one, two has no meaning because one multiplied by one has no consequence. Because the square root of four is two, one times one is two, thus what is the square root of two? It should be one, but we’re informed it’s two, which isn’t possible.”

Howard attributes his departure from Pratt to a disagreement with a lecturer over this hypothesis. He also claimed that he spends many hours a day building patented plastic and wire models, which he claims to back up his claim.

Howard’s proof of his assertion that “1 × 1 = 2” was released on his Twitter account in 2017. It was widely panned for having numerous logical flaws and bad reasoning.


He lives in his mansion in Philadelphia in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. For a tour of his house please click here.

Terrence Salary and Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million which he has earned through his career as a singer and an actor.