Tim Dillon (Actor) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Partner, Education, Career, Net Worth

Tim Dillon Biography

Tim Dillon is an American actor, podcaster, writer, and stand-up comedian. In addition, Dillon is an internet face and reality star. He is widely known for hosting the podcast “The Tim Dillon Show.” He also appeared in the Netflix series “The Comedy Lineup” in 2018.

Tim Dillon Age|Birthday

Dillon was born on January 22, 1985. Therefore, he is 38 years old as of 2023 and celebrates his birthday on 22nd January every year.

Tim Dillon Height|Weight

Dillon’s height is 5 feet 11 inches (approximately 180 centimeters). Moreover, he weighs 96 kilograms.

Tim Dillon Photo
Tim Dillon Photo

Tim Dillon Family

Dillon was born and raised in Island Park, New York by his parents. However, the comedian’s parents divorced when he was young. As a result, Dillo was raised by his mother, who was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. In addition, Tim is of Irish Catholic descent. However, Tim has not disclosed his parents’ identities or if he has any siblings. Moreover, he started acting as a child, and in 1994 he played a small role on the PBS children’s show Sesame Street. In addition, he opened up about his child acting days on The Joe Rogan Ex[perience, stating that he was a child actor as a kid and he failed. Moreover, Dillon said that he was on Sesame Street twice and did the polka with Snufflepagus legitimately.

Tim Dillon Partner

Dillon is gay. In addition, Tim came out at the age of 25. However, Tim struggled with substance abuse in the past. Moreover, according to him, he started using drugs and alcohol at the age of 13 and became a cocaine addict by 18. Fortunately, the comedian has been sober for several years.

Tim Dillon Career

Dillon is a real estate investor and owns a home in Austin, Texas, and a $4 million estate in the Hamptons, New York. However, Dillon has since released a response on his YouTube channel contesting the alleged value of the deal claiming that it was in fact around $2.4 million.

In addition, he worked as an office printer salesman and a mortgage broker during the submarine mortgage crisis before becoming a comedian. Tim became a New York City tour guide when the market crashed. Furthermore, in 2010, he entered the stand-up scene. Additionally, Dillon was named one of the “10 Comedians You Need to Know” in 2017 by Rolling Stone after a 2016 appearance at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal. Moreover, he was also a co-host of the Real Ass Podcast spin-off podcast Bastard Radio in 2020 along with Luis J. Gomez and Nick Mullen.

Furthermore, Tim released his first standup special Tim Dillon: A Real Hero in August 2022. In addition, the show is a comedic video podcast hosted by Dillon that discusses events from his life and news topics that often revolve around American cultural issues, the entertainment industry, and politics.  Moreover, the comedian also releases additional audio content to his Patreon supporters.

However, when the podcast was first launched on the GaS Digital Network, The Tim Dillon Show was originally named Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell and featured co-host and fellow Long Island-based comedian Ray Kump. Moreover, he would leave GaS Digital adding producer and friend Ben Avery off whom he often bounced questions and ideas. Furthermore, Avery parted ways with Tim and the show in September 2022. Moreover, as of November 2022, Avery works with comedian Kyle Dunnigan.


In 2016, Dillon stated that he doesn’t think he politically lines up with anything. Moreover, he added that he thinks it’s all fake. Furthermore, the actor said that he did not vote in the 2020 US general election due to disapproval of both incumbent Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden. Furthermore, he has described himself as “Pretty moderate” on several occasions. Besides, Tim does not support a particular political party preferring to analyze each issue as it comes.



2009 – Boton Psychaitric
2018 – Anything Boy Can Do
2020 – Timing


1994 – Sesame Street
2016 – Above Average Presents, Thanksgiving, Hardest Jobs in Sports
2018 – Resolutions, You Didnt Want to Know
2022 – Tim Dillion: A Real Hero

Tim Dillon’s Net Worth

Dillon’s net worth is $10 million.